Fix and Seal
For the Do-It-Yourselfer

For more than 40 years, there has not been a way to fix and seal almost any building material, until now! Introducing the Spray Sealants Gun. This simple solution uses air nucleation to create polyurethane spray sealants that can be used to create fast and durable fixes for almost any project that you have around a home or your business.

All Metal & Reusable
Spray Gun Only @ $149.00

The Spray Sealants Gun is a valuable accessory when used in conjunction with the Foam Sealants Kit as it gives you the flexibility to spray the one component foam sealant. When one component foam sealants are sprayed, they provide a durable air tight seal which will dry quickly and could even provide structural strength to what you are building.

Manual Gun

All Teflon with Adapter
Foam Gun Only @ $39.00

The Foam Sealants Gun is for the homeowner, craftsman or someone that has a small fix-it project which they want to spray and seal. Have you every thought " boy, I wish I had something that could fix and seal this fast! . Well, now there is an alternative, the Foam Sealants Gun.

Patented Adapter

The Spray Sealants Gun Adapter allows both the Spray Sealants Gun and the Foam Sealants Gun to draw one component foam out of 16lb Canisters which greatly increases allows you to have complete control over your next fix and seal project. The adapters are very durable, easy to clean and simple to put together. Also, because of their unique design, they will not leak once they are hand tightened onto the gun. 

White Foam Sealant
Only $149

The Foam Sealants Kit is for the contracting professional who is looking for a spray system that they can integrate into their existing business. This kit has all of the components that you will need to get started fast and to get your attic air sealing project done in a very sustainable way. Do you have an air compressor or can you get access to one? 

Black Foam Sealant
Only $149

What makes the Foam Sealants Kit so effective is that it gives almost anyone the tools to fix and seal almost any building material no matter what they are working on. The secret to the kit is that it uses polyurethane closed cell foam sealant which has proven to have tremendous adhesion capabilities to almost any substrate. Once foam sealant is applied to a surface, it immediate begins to expand and then cure which creates not just an air tight seal, but also some structure to the entire assembly.