Fix and Seal
What Are You Fixing Today?

For more than 40 years, there has not been a way to fix and seal almost any building material, until now! Introducing the Spray Sealants Gun. This simple solution uses air nucleation to create polyurethane spray sealants that can be used to create fast and durable fixes for almost any project that you have around your home or your business.

It’s compact, easy to operate and because foam sealants have tremendous adhesion, there are very few surfaces that it will not stick to. Also, because you are spraying a one component foam sealant, each application is affordable. The Spray Sealants Gun is truly a handy addition for your toolbox. Buy your Spray Sealants Gun by visiting the Spray Sealants Store.  

For The Contracting Professional

All Metal & Reusable
Pro Gun Only @ $179.00

The Spray Sealants Pro Gun allows you to use 10lb or 16lb canister foam sealants to apply what most people would say would be world's best material for keeping things sealed, that being polyurethane foam. Because of it's patent pending design, the Spray Sealants Pro Gun comes with an adapter that allows you to not only spray with 24oz cans, but also 10lb and 16lb canisters. This gives the professional the ability to choose the right tool for the right job. 

16lb Canister

The 16lb Canister is a unique system which we call White Sealant designed for the industrial, agriculture or commercial industry. When integrated with both a manual gun ( bead ) and the Spray Sealants Gun ( spray ) this one system can address almost all of your air sealing projects. Also, because it is one component, the ease and simplicity of the system allows for you to get in and out of your project quickly so that you can make more money and isn't that what you are really trying to accomplish?

16lb Canister

Black Sealant in a 16lb Canister was created for those agriculture, automotive, industrial and outdoor applications that need to be sealed and insulated with a water and airtight seal. It is specifically formulated for outdoor use and is black in color si it won't discolor if exposed to UV radiation. It is resistant to heat and reduces noise pollution in auto and trailers. It may be used in black undercarriages and auto wiring and pipes. It's watertight seal is perfect for Koi Ponds or waterfalls and it is safe to be used around Koi Fish. It has premium adhesion abilities to most construction materials including wood, metal, masonry, glass and most plastic outdoor weather conditions and typical auto vibrations won't harm the seal. 

For The Do-It-Yourselfer

All Metal & Reusable
Gun Price Only @ $149.00

The Spray Sealants DIY Gun can be used by home owner, trainers or even people who have hobbies that are looking to build or fix things. Are you looking to find ways to make different materials stick together? Have you tried many of the other sealants on the market and have just come to find that they only work on certain type of surfaces or that they are very ineffective in creating fast and durable repair? Order your gun at the Spray Sealants Store.

Spray White Foam Sealant

The patent pending Spray Sealant Gun uses pressurized air to create spray sealants that can fix and seal almost any sized project. This unique gun is designed to spray 24 oz and 29 oz pressurized cans of foam sealants and spray adhesives. It is compact, easy to use and great for all those hard-to-reach areas. Fix and seal your next project with the patent pending Spray Sealants Gun. It’s a handy addition for your toolbox. Purchase your gun today at the Spray Sealants Store.

Spray Orange Foam Block

For air sealing joints, seams or cracks, a one-component foam or canister sealant has been successfully used for 40 years. While bead application has been effective solution, many projects also need some form of spray to actually get the job done completely. Bead applications must often be re-sealed over time and do not penetrate all of the deep surface cracks gaps and crevices, or microscopic areas that are difficult to see or reach. Spray sealant applications expand sealing cracks and crevices deeply and thoroughly when applied correctly.  This means that spray applications are more effective, and projects are not likely to require any repeat application. Purchase your DIY gun today at the Spray Sealants Store.

Spray Black Foam Sealant

Insulating foam sealants are a type of spray polyurethane foam (one component foam) that has insulating, air sealing, and adhesive properties. Insulating foam sealants are available at home improvement stores and come in small cans (typically 12-24 oz.) or canisters ( 10lb-16lb). These products are intended for application for air sealing or as an adhesive. Their small volume, ease of use, and portability make them well-suited for smaller projects tackled by the Do-It-Yourselfer that wants to fix and seal something. Purchase your DIY gun today at the Spray Sealants Store.