Black Foam For Air Sealing
It's not just for farmers!

Store Opens May 1st
Launch Price For Kit @ $495.00

As a farmer, how much money are you spending each and every year for energy? Is it $1,000 a year? Perhaps $10,000 a year? Maybe even $100,000 a year? How much are you going to spend in 5 years? How about in 10 years? The costs are staggering to the American farmer and while this was not something that had to be dealt with in the past, in today's economy these energy costs could make the difference between making a profit or seeing a loss each year. If you are looking for a way to make your barn air tight, look for ag-tight black spray foam to give you an increase in energy savings. 

For more than 40 years, there has not been a way to use one component foam sealant to spray, until now! Introducing the Spray Sealants Gun that comes with the Duct Sealants Kit.  This simple solution uses pressurized air to create spray sealants which will save you time and money on every project. It’s compact, easy to operate and because foam sealants have tremendous adhesion, there are very few surfaces that it will not stick to.  During our testing, we have used the Spray Sealants Gun to fix materials that are made of wood, metal, plastic and even concrete. Also, because you are using a one component foam sealant, each application is affordable. 

The 16lb Canister is a unique system which we call Black Sealant designed for the industrial, agriculture or commercial industry. Because of it's unique bottom loaded self cleaning metal gun, it gives the applicator full control of the sealant and allows consistent applications of thin beads of black spray foam. It allows almost anyone to do a lot of linear feet quickly and since the sealant itself sets up within 30 minutes, it's possible to work within a tight timeline so that you can get in and out fast. 

Fixing Metal Rusty Roofs

If the metal roof on your home or building develops a leak, it must be fixed right away to prevent costlier damage to the structure underneath. Even the smallest metal roof leak can cause wet insulation, which is a major cause of roof failure.
Finding metal roof leaks can be the most difficult part of the repair. Leaks can originate from the opposite side of the building. A thorough understanding of the metal roof construction will help you pinpoint the cause of the roof leak.