Fix & Seal Kit

Kit Only @ $450.00

One ( 1 ) Spray Sealants Pro Gun

One ( 1 ) Manual Gun Applicator

One ( 1 ) 16lb Canister White Sealant With Hose 

Twelve ( 12 ) Cans of Cleaner

For more than 40 years, there has not been a way to use one component foam sealant to spray, until now! Introducing the Spray Sealants Gun that can come included with the foam sealant kit of your choice. This simple solution uses air nucleation to create spray sealants which will save you time and money on every project. It’s compact, easy to operate and because foam sealants have tremendous adhesion, there are very few surfaces that it will not stick to. The Fix and Seal Kit offer you an affordable way to begin your discovery as a Spraypreneur. All you would need to provide would be a small 6+ Cfm air compressor. Buy the Fix and Seal Kit at the Spray Sealants Store

The Fix and Seal Kit allows contracting companies to quickly implement new spray technology that has the capacity to grow their business in many new ways. This Kit allows the company to quickly build an air sealing platform that has ability to be used by almost any crew member on their team, no matter what their skill set. Once you have a fix and seal kit, then all you will need to complete the job is an air compressor, some one component canisters and cleaner. Also, because the spray guns are designed to be cleaned and re-used then there are unlimited amount of other projects that could use this new spray technology. 

The 16lb Canister is a unique system which we call White Sealant designed for the industrial, agriculture or commercial industry. Because of it's unique bottom loaded self cleaning metal gun, it gives the applicator full control of the sealant and allows consistent applications of thin beads of black spray foam. It allows almost anyone to do a lot of linear feet quickly and since the sealant itself sets up within 30 minutes, it's possible to work within a tight timeline so that you can get in and out fast.