Private Labeling

Sealant Technologies, Inc. offers a private label opportunity which is completely unique to the energy efficiency industry. Much like the changes in the 1990's brought together the personal computer and operating software, the combination of the Patented Spray Pods equipment with an integrated chemistry will start to open up new ideas and markets for the polyurethane industry. You can be on the forefront of that opportunity. 

There are few faster or more profitable ways to grow your business than by licensing patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, and other intellectual property to others. Licensing lets you instantly tap the existing production, distribution and marketing systems that other companies may have spent decades building. In return, you get a protected territory and revenue from products or services sold under your license. Licensing fees typically amount to a small percentage of the actual sales revenue of the business.

The Spray Sealants Gun is unique in that it is designed to spray 24oz and 29oz pressurized cans of polyurethane spray adhesives and foams. For more than 40 years, there really has not been any innovation when it comes to the can foam & foam kit industry and yet the need to air seal has become even more critical to developing an air tight building envelope. 

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