Quonset Hut Air Sealing
April, 2018

" I found your site via a Google search and have a few questions. First let me tell you i have a new Quonset Hut that i am about to insulate with 4x8 sheets of  polyisocyanates  foam. But before i do i need to seal the overlapping joints in the steel panels. I like the idea of the 16lb kit and spray gun that you sell but wanted to ask a few questions. #1 what is the minimum temperature to apply your foam. #2 if i do not use the whole 16lb container what happens to the foam in the line from the tank to the gun. I realize the gun can be cleaned but the line ? #3 This sealant will be applied inside the hut but will be subject to possible rain /snow/ sun exposure, how does your foam(white) stand up to this exposure. #4 i will only be applying thin strip of sealant, just enough to cover the joint ( possibly 2" wide strip ) which totals approximately 1000 linear ft will a 16lb can be enough?
Thanks for your time and help" Phil Warren

Joints Before Spraying

Thanks for the great information and offer it is very much appreciated. Attached are a couple of images that may help to explain what I intend to do. The area between the arrows in the close up shot is about 2-3" and thats all I need to coat with foam to stop air movement.

Thanks again

Dr Phil Warren A.I.I.P. C.L.T.

Strappings Before Spraying

"Thanks again William,

I am looking forward to starting this project. The building is large at 50 feet long 16 feet high and 32 feet wide. 

I will take accurate measurements of the surface temperature of the galvalume at the time of application along with relative humidity readings which may be of use to you for future development and marketing. The last few days have been unusually cold and I will take your suggestion and wait until we have a nice sunny day to raise the surface temperature of the building."  

Dr Phil Warren A.I.I.P C.L.T.  

Joints After Spraying

Bill Hi

Did a test today which turned out very well considering I'm not used to the technology. Had a few miss starts with gun pressures and flow, but finally go that dialed in

I will be sending a more detailed report later, when I have completed all the testing, but so far I am very optimistic that this will do the job. I just need to get some practice in using the gun. It does fill in all the gaps even big ones if you hit it at just the right angle. I missed a few spots and will have to go over them again after the foam sets up, I tried to re coat immediately but even with reduced pressure I found it blew off some of the first foam layer. Temperature of the metal was 42F humidity 30% Air pressure to the gun was between 75-100lb and one can of foam covered around 75-80 linear feet of joint. (this will improve as i waste let material)

I have attached a few images from this first test and will take some before and after shots of other areas to illustrate just how much can be filled with this process.



Joints After Spraying